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2 thg 12, 2014

Yếu tố cản trở sự thành công của bạn?


KASH Model – True Barriers that Stop You From Being Successful

Everyone wants to be successful and you probably have read thousand of books, articles, and attended seminars on how to achieve success. Unfortunately, out of 100 people, only few people got what they want. What are the true barriers preventing you to achieve success?

KASH Model 

What is KASH? KASH is Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. KASH will indirectly affect performance and hence the success of the individual. Most companies when selecting candidates not only focusing on their Knowledge and Skills but also the Attitude and Habits.


Knowledge is what you know and it has to go through a process – learning both theoretical and practical. It takes time and it must involve the ability to understand, internalize and deliver on the performance objectives. It can be very costly when obtaining the knowledge.


Attitude is your thoughts that drive your action and action drives result. It is basically your perspective on how you think on something. There is no good or bad but it defines you, attitude is the most vital ingredient of success to the KASH model.


Skills mean how well you do things. It is gained through experience and learnt through practice. Skills take time to develop and to be mastered. It is usually comes from knowledge and through practice it turns to skills.


Habits mean your persistency and consistency in carrying out or performing something. It is your behavior and believe in doing the right and desirable things repeatedly until it is successful.
Most of the people spend most of their time and investing cash to learn new knowledge and skills yet fail to develop the necessary attitudes and habits for success. It is the fact that most of the time it is our attitudes and habits that make us failed but not because of knowledge and skills. For example an individual can be very knowledgeable and skillful but what if he has attitude problem? I believe you will find him hard to work with. That’s also one of the reasons why most organizations are focused on improving all the 4 aspects of the employees through training programs.
Ask yourself a question next time if you wish to achieve success in your life whether will your success be dependent upon the acquisition of new knowledge and skills or will your success be because of your consistently applied positive attitudes and habits.
Anyone can go buy a book or take a class to gain knowledge, but very few people take the time to develop and redevelop the true obstacles to their success!

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